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As an enterprise growing on this land with strong culture, Longyu brand has been seeking survival by quality and development by difference. Keep pace with The Times, thinking constantly beat, product innovation. Regional advantages, product characteristics, humanistic spirit are all the factors that make Longyu develop so far, and the company ranks among the advanced ranks in the domestic industry. As far as I am concerned, "honesty is the base, doing conscience bean flour" is the company's operation tenet. It is the mission of Longhai people to provide nutritious food and help people live a healthy life. Over the years, Longyu has established a good reputation and image in the industry with the concept of customer first, attentive service and the mission of inheriting health. Because of the integrity of The dragon Yu people, product quality assured, to negotiate business from all walks of life, longyu to enhance a broader sales channels. Its sales network covers the domestic cities, business scope radiation to foreign countries.

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